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Road Repair Insurance Program will protect Road Repair Contractors. 


Road Repair Contractors build, resurface and repair roads, highways, sidewalks, parking lots and bridges with a variety of materials. These services are provided for the public and private sectors.


Road Repair Contractors will experience significant General Liability exposure arising out of their repair operations and the location of the operations being performed. Road repairs can occur in high traffic areas and sometimes in live lanes of traffic.


They will typically have a substantial Product Liability exposure from their workmanship. If the workmanship is faulty or if safety procedures are not followed correctly, the end result could be property damage, serious injury or even death.


Thus, Contractors need insurance to protect themselves from potential liability exposures related to road repair.


Ai Road Repair Contractors Insurance Program


This program offers coverage that includes:

  • Third-Party Property Damage
  • Third-Party Bodily Injury
  • Property Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Pollution Liability

Property coverage pays for damages, loss, theft, replacement of your tools, equipment and other items used in road repair services. This coverage fills the gap in commercial property policies, covering loss or damage caused by a mechanical or electrical failure.


Equipment Breakdown coverage protects your business from delays, covers your repair costs and gets your company operating as soon as possible. Some of the risks that Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects you and your road repair business from are:

  • Loss of Equipment
  • Loss of Business
  • Recovery Expenses

To elaborate, Equipment Breakdown covers the equipment that helps you operate your business day-to-day such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and electrical systems.  In addition, it protects Contractors from work stoppage and sudden downtime caused by equipment breakdown.


Once your business is operational after a stoppage and your equipment has been repaired or replaced, you might find yourself facing additional costs from recuperating and completing your contractual obligations.


With Ai, your business, employees, and equipment will be protected from potential liability exposures.

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