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Geothermal Contractors Insurance offers coverage for general liability exposures that may occur during the installation of a geothermal plant.  


What is Geothermal Contracting?


Geothermal Contractors plan, install, maintain and repair geothermal piping, geothermal pumps and supporting equipment. Utilizing schematics and environmental assessments, Geothermal Contractors perform their services in remote and urban locations for residential, commercial and industrial customers.


Geothermal systems are installed underground, water is pumped through piping into the ground, the water is heated by the earth's crust and returned to the surface where the heat is extracted from the water by the Geothermal pump. The heat is then used to either heat a property or to create electricity.


Geothermal Contractors Risks


Geothermal Contractors will experience a moderate General Liability exposure as there is an increased opportunity for damage or injury arising out of the product installation and build.

In particular, drilling for these systems may cause ground collapse, small earthquakes or gas emission. Additionally, equipment can malfunction that can lead to a faulty installation or personal injury.


Geothermal Insurance helps protect Contractors from liability exposure that may occur during the Geothermal Installation process.


Ai Geothermal Contractors Insurance Program


Ai Geothermal Insurance covers all facets of your Geothermal Contracting Company, including:

  • Machinery
  • Product installation
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Build

Ai will assist you in protecting your business from liability exposures such as property damage, third party personal injury and other bodily harm.

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