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Contractors General Liability Insurance offers the perfect contingency plan that aims to protect your business, employees and other valuables.


Why Contractors General Liability Insurance is needed?


On a day-to-day basis, your business faces many ups and downs. General Contractors will experience a significant General Liability exposure arising from the vast number and type of tasks being completed on the project at any given time. Any setbacks can result in the loss of valuable assets.


As a contractor, it is your responsibility that all operations run smoothly and productively.

Additionally, General Contractors are responsible for their own General Liability, as well as Subcontractor General Liability.  In any case that the Subcontractor does not have insurance of their own, the General Contractor will be liable for damages caused by their Subcontractors.


In addition, the wide range of responsibilities assumed by the General Contractor will often create a significant exposure. General Contractors must have thorough building processes, building trade practices, compliances, and building code knowledge.


There are countless liability risks General Contractors face while in the process of Building Construction and Renovation:

  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Equipment Damage or Theft *

*Separate Coverage is offered for tooling and equipment.


 Needless to say, it is difficult to predict the future, especially in a fast-paced schedule.


Ai Contractors General Liability Insurance program


The Ai General Contractor Liability Insurance program for Contractors will protect your business from a wide range of Property Damage and Personal Injury liability exposure. Not to mention, it offers a sense of security for all parties involved.


General Liability Insurance for Contractors will design a coverage plan to meet your business’s individual and unique needs. The standard limits for this coverage are from $10 up to $50 million, and higher limits are available upon request. 


The General Liability Insurance program for Contractors will help you take control of any liability and protect your assets.


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